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11 Signs you may have an Eating Disorder

Posted by Mark Nolte on Jul 13, 2015 4:14:25 PM
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An eating disorder is more than just losing or gaining weight; it's about the thoughts and feelings that are going on inside your head. Below are some lists of the different signs that may indicate you have an eating disorder. There are a number of different types of eating disorders, so signs will differ for different people. Everybody will have some of these signs but if you can identify with many of them, it is possible you have an eating disorder. It is very important you talk to someone as eating disorders seldom go away without professional help.



Here are 11 signs that you or a loved one may have an eating disorder:


  • refuse to eat with your family, friends or colleagues
  • feel very anxious about eating in public
  • eat different food than the rest of your family or roommates
  • eat food at different times to the rest of your family or roommates
  • not talk much (or talks a lot ) during meals
  • leave the table frequently during meals (especially to go the bathroom)
  • secretly dispose of food during the meal (wrapping it in a napkin, wiping it on the underside of plate, feeding it to the dog, putting it in pockets)
  • drink lots of water (at meals or during the day)
  • lie to your family and friends about how much you have eaten
  • Do things so your family or roommates won't notice you aren't eating much - i.e. eat a normal size dinner but that is all you have eaten all day.
  • feel obsessed with food and eating

It is very important you talk to someone as eating disorders seldom go away without professional help. However you can fight your addiction with online counseling.

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