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Reasons why Online Counseling Services is more private & anonymous

Posted by Mark Nolte on Jun 17, 2015 10:41:39 AM
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Reasons why Online Counseling Services is more private & anonymous than traditional counseling

There are several reasons why people do not get or use traditional counseling for mental health issues that need to be address. They are the following:

  1. They don’t want to admit they have a problem. Therefore they don’t go to counseling.
  2. Don’t want go to a counselors office in fear they may be recognized by someone they know.
  3. Don’t go to see a counselor because they don’t want to file a health insurance claim in fear that their employer with find out they are being seen for mental health issues. Therefore possible being fired from their job or not getting a promotion they deserve.

Online Counseling Services address these issue by offering the following:

  1. Admitting you have a problem carries less Stigma with it because it is not made publicly known as with traditional counseling services. With online therapy you have more privacy and it is more anonymous because you are doing from the privacy of your home.
  2. Because Online Therapy can be done on a laptop computer from the privacy of your home. It alleviates the fear of having to show up at a public place to get counseling.
  3. Credit cards are the only method of payment. Most online counseling services do not accept health insurance. So the fear of your employer finding our through the filing of your claim if gone.


Therefore if you have mental health issues that need to be addressed. You may want to consider using online counseling services.  All you need to do online counseling services is have a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular connection. Then you can use your laptop computer, tablet or smartphone from any private location you choose like your home, private office at work or from your car.  Anywhere you have an internet or cellular connection.

If you have an interest in know more about how this works. Please click on the button below to find out more details how it works.

 How Online Counseling Works

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