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How to figure out what makes us happy in life!

Posted by Mark Nolte on Jul 22, 2015 12:22:00 PM
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How to figure out what makes us happy in life!

Many times people come to our Life Coaches expressing a change they “want” to make in their life. They will spend the first hour with their Life Coach telling them that they have figure out and what change they “want” to make in their life. Examples are “make a career change”, “make a midlife change”, etc.


So the next homework assignment our Life Coach will give them to do before they meet next time is to fill out a “Life’s Grade Card”. This Life’s Grade Card makes you evaluate all aspects of your life by examining closely 12 aspects or categories of your life and you give yourself an “A thru F” grade in each of these categories.

The interesting discovery is that once the client takes the time to fill out this Life’s Grade Card. What the person thought they “wanted” to change is not what really “needs” to be changed. In other words their “want” is not what really is the under lining issue. But they find out after taking a deeper reflection in all 12 categories of their life is that there is something deeper bothering them and it is not the change or “want” they thought would make them happy.

Sometimes they discover from examining their life more in depth. That there may be a hidden psychological issue that needs to be addressed and that they have suppressed up to this point in their life. That the “mid-life career” change they “wanted” is not really what “needs” to be addressed or changed but something much deeper in their life that they have intentionally or unintentionally ignored, suppressed or simply did not realize.

This is what we refer to in the business as an “Aha” moment or an “Awaking” moment. Discovery what the real issue is or “needs” to be address versus what we thought we “wanted” to be addressed.

Taking the time to address the “Need” in your life versus the “want” in your life will pay off in big dividends. Otherwise you will keep searching for that “thing” you “want” but will never be completely happy and content until you address what the real “need” is in your life.

If you would like to grade your life. Please feel free to download our complimentary “Life’s Grade Card” by clicking on the button below and get your free “Life’s Grade Card” to start grading your life.

Life's Grade Card


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