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"It Was Time"- 4 Reasons to make a life change- Online Life Coaching

Posted by Sharon McGloin on Jun 22, 2015 10:09:20 AM
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It Was Time 

4 REASONS to make a Life Change- using Online Life Coaching

My life has changed in astonishing ways. Two years ago today, I walked away from a career of 26 years working with emotionally disturbed/behavior disordered children and adolescents. Things had begun to shift in my world to the point that it didn’t feel like a good fit anymore. In reality, the shift had started back in 2009 when I had begun to ask myself some tough questions about what I wanted to do with my life. Did I want to continue doing what I was doing? What did I really want to do? What was the first thing I thought of when I woke up in the morning? What made my heart sing? I knew that I wanted to continue helping people. I knew that I wanted to continue doing seminars and speaking and coaching. How was I going to do all of this and work my full time job? Enter Jack Canfield. I attended Jack’s signature seminar called Breakthrough to Success in August 2009. This was the catalyst that led me to becoming a member of his first Success Principles Train the Trainer class. I was coached and mentored by Jack for the next year of my life and I slowly began my plan of departure from my old life to the new. Now as life goes, there were many fits and starts. My old self kept trying to do things that were disappearing. There were times I would tell myself an old story that would stop me from moving forward. I would pause for awhile and then start again. Eventually the shift was enormous enough that there was nothing left to do but take the leap. That leap occurred March 15, 2013. So, now it has been two years and as I said, my life has changed in astonishing ways. I am traveling most weeks and sharing my gifts with a myriad of folks across the country. Most recently, I attended a weekend retreat with poet and author David Whyte. This event added another layer of thoughtful questions to ponder.




Here are a sampling of questions that will cause you to pause and contemplate much about your life.
1. What astonishing opportunities could come into your life?
2. What is the difficult harvest in your life?
3. What is the part of yourself that you don’t draw on because you think of it as a weakness?
4. What stories in your life are no longer true or were never true?
Take some time with these questions. As David Whyte said, “The doors have always been there to invite you and frighten you.” Give yourself the invitation to examine the hidden landscape of yourself. Blessings to you.

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