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11 Signs you may have an Eating Disorder

Posted by Mark Nolte on Jul 13, 2015 4:14:25 PM


Topics: Healthy Diet, Health Mind

Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind-Eating Disorders

Posted by Mark Nolte on May 22, 2015 10:14:00 AM

Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind

You probably think "Healthy Diet, Healthy Mind" means that if you eat right, you'll have a super brain or something but the phrase being used here means that if you're eating right, then there's nothing wrong with your mentality.

We've all seen how obesity can occur due to eating too much or how you can turn bone-skinny because you’re eating too less. Sometimes this is because of our nature, or because we don't get enough time to eat or because we have too much time to eat and don't feel the need to exercise on a daily basis (laziness, which leads to obesity), but sometimes it’s more serious than that. Eating disorders occur when you consume unordinary amounts of food due to either severe distress or concern about your body weight or shape. Consequences of eating disorders include severe illness and even death. This disease in general is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological and social factors that affect the way you think.

Topics: Healthy Diet, Health Mind