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If Life is a school, how are your grades?- Online Life Coaching

Posted by Matt Kelly on Jun 5, 2015 11:04:05 AM

How would you grade your life....use Online Life Coaching?

I like the idea of seeing life as a great big school for everyone on the planet. That perspective leads me to believe one of the reasons we’re here is to get an education. After further contemplation it opens up all sorts of questions like “why are we sometimes students, and other times teachers” (often unknowingly)? And how about “which coursework is optional and which is mandatory?” 


“Being Human 101” must be a core required class… along with death, taxes and getting your buttons pushed. Which ones are optional? How about obsession, laughter, trust, love, friendship, maudlin guilt, needlepoint, faith, curiosity, resentment, and emotional awareness among many others. In fact, that list is nearly unlimited with a little imagination. Given that, plus the axiom that “we become good at the things we practice most often”, it makes a lot of sense to choose your course of study intentionally. Otherwise you’re likely to find yourself eating a large regret sandwich when you look back over your life. What will you want your transcript to say about your life?  Choose wisely and you’re more likely to be at peace when you’re done here.

Remember too that many days life delivers surprise assignments, and try to be ready. Today I got a pop quiz in Mind-Body Physics (aka “Your Train of Thought Delivers Your Emotional Freight”). It happened when my amazing wife showed me an advertisement photo of a handsome decorative item she’s wanted for a while. She mentioned that the seller had recently lowered the price. In my reactive genius-mode I made a wisecrack about how it was about the same price as this oddball elective item I’d recently obsessed over. In that instant it felt like a joke plain and simple.  In hindsight I do see how it could easily be perceived as something other than funny.  That’s probably where her next comment came from.  Something like “you don’t want to go there…it’s way less than your motorcycle”, which is an excellent point (I now see). That same reactive genius-mode mentioned earlier propelled me to an internal “hmmm, what will I think/feel/say next” fork in the road. 

With a spark of that toxic brew of “wait-a-minute, that’s-not-fair, and let-me-set-this-thing-straight” juice starting to kick in…I paused to ponder that path. Hmm, it seemed inviting in a stinky sort of way. After all, “I was just joking and now you made me mad” popped up on my cranial teleprompter…it must be true, right? Or maybe not. How did that plan of attack work out in previous applications? Really lousy come to think of it. Thankfully I’ve learned a bit in this life class. Thankfully, the practice has helped me look down another path as well before making my choice and acting on it. With a moment of awareness I saw myself peacefully going to the gym for a morning recharge before heading to work with a smile on my face. What was the magic ingredient for making that copacetic outcome? Simply put, by seeing my choice, chuckling kindly at myself, and acting wisely I was in a peaceful state of mind and grateful for the many generous acts I began recalling being done for me by my wife over our years together. So with a smile on my face, I cleaned up the kitchen and put her smoothie in the fridge with a hand-drawn heart post-it note out for her. And when I headed out the door I felt upbeat about the day ahead.

So I’m giving myself an A for choosing that train of thought. And I’m also offering gratitude to whatever power greater than myself that put the Mind-Body Physics laws into motion. My grade for “Initial Response to Amazing Wife Sharing Desire for Beautiful Object” is more like a D+ however. Oh well, lots of room to improve right? 

Life's Grade Card

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