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12 Risk Therapist Should Consider Before Using Text Messaging

Posted by Mark Nolte on Mar 30, 2016 3:22:37 PM

Text Messaging: 12 Risk Management Considerations To Keep You Out Of Hot Water

As a Behavioral Practitioner, texting is tempting for many reasons: It is widely used, affordable, real-time, brief and flexible. And Statistics back up the popularity of texting.

Almost 97% of Americans text daily – many having done so within the past hour – making texting the most common cell phone activity. Many are also reporting that they prefer text messages to phone calls (Pew Internet). Not surprisingly, behavioral practitioners  are finding that clients increasingly ask for interaction by text messaging.

Topics: What is Online Therapy?

What is Online Therapy?

Posted by Mark Nolte on May 8, 2015 8:46:00 AM

How Online Therapy is different than tradtional therapy.

Counselling is a form of psychological therapy in which people open up and discuss their problems in an environment that is safe and one on which a person can depend and rely upon. This usually requires presenting yourself in person in order to talk to a therapist at a time that a therapist has available.

Topics: What is Online Therapy?